Darryl Reeves: I pay all for the jet

New England Patriots T Shirt Iron on Transfers

New England Patriots T Shirt Iron on Transfers

During the 11 seasons of the career, cornerback Darrelle Revis has turned around four teams, but he is the deepest of the pirates (2013), Patriots (2014) and Chiefs (2017). It is also the New York Jets (2007-2012, 2015-2016).New England Patriots iron ons

Therefore, signing a one-day contract with the jet is more important as a jet player retiring.

Jet president Christopher Johnson told reporters: “This is a very unique day. We will be a blessing to one of the best players in the league and one of the best players in the league on this day.”

Revis was once the devil who made the other quarterback stunned. He was selected for All-Pro for the 2009-2011 season and was selected for the 2008-2011 season. In his career, he entered the All-Pro four times and entered the professional bowl seven times. In each game, Revis faces the strongest receiver of the opponent, including but not limited to Randy Moss, Andre Johnson, Steve Smith. Smith), Terrell Owens, Chad Johnson and Reggie Wayne, but he rarely lets the opponent’s offensive intentions succeed.New England Patriots iron on transfers

Looking back on the whole career, Levis did not regret. He said: “I feel that I have made a lot of achievements. Every game has given me a lot of pressure. My goal is not only to be the best cornerback, but to Being the best player on the court, this motivation motivated me to move forward. I enjoyed my career and I paid for this green and white jersey.”

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New York Giants sign linebacker Connor Barwin

Kansas City Chiefs T Shirt Iron on Transfers

Kansas City Chiefs T Shirt Iron on Transfers

One year after the successful Los Angeles Rams, Connor Barwin returned to the League of Nations East.Kansas City Chiefs iron on design

The veteran linebacker said on Twitter on Monday that he had agreed to sign a contract with the New York Giant. Ian Rapoport, a NFL official website reporter, reported that the contract was worth two years, worth up to $5 million, according to informed sources.

Barwin played for the Philadelphia Eagles from 2013 to 2016. He joined the ram in the offseason last year. He made a great contribution to the performance of the Rams’ recovery, winning 34 times and smashing 5 times in 14 games.

Barwin scored 554 times and slammed 55.5 times in his 9 seasons.

In the Giants defense group, Barwin may play the same role as the Rams defense team. He will be an outside linebacker who will be able to play in all three defenses. He won’t play all defenses (he played in the 61% defensive level on the Rams), but he is a player who has proven himself and he can coach young players.Kansas City Chiefs iron on transfers

Barwin said earlier that he hopes to join a team that has the ability to compete for the championship. Although the Giants only scored 3 wins and 13 losses last season, it is not difficult to think that they will be able to recover like the Rams after they have many excellent players.

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Free agent Rogers and Briand start training

Pittsburgh Steelers T Shirt Iron on Transfers

Pittsburgh Steelers T Shirt Iron on Transfers

The NFL team’s training camp will officially start next week. Before that, there are two free agents who hope to find a new owner as soon as possible.

According to NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport, former Steelers wide receiver Eli Rogers will visit Chiefs (Monday), Brown (Tuesday) and Raiders (Wednesday) this week. Three teams.Pittsburgh Steelers iron on design

Rogers tore the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee during the Steelers’ loss to the Jaguar last season and is in the recovery period. He played in the Hong Kong people for two full seasons, completed 66 catches, advanced 743 yards and scored 4 touchdowns. He was the number one abandon kickbacker for Steelers in 2017 (19 yards for 146 yards).

Former red-skinned receiver Bashaud Breeland will visit the raiders on Sunday and Monday and visit the chiefs on Tuesday. NFL Network reporter Mike Garafolo reports.

Brillland had already signed a three-year contract with the Panthers, but due to the previous injury in the Dominican Republic, the physical test failed, and eventually planned to simmer. He also visited the pony and the Cardinals before, but they did not receive the contract.Pittsburgh Steelers iron on transfers

In the four seasons of the Redskins, Brillland completed 270 cuddles, destroyed the pass 60 times, intercepted 8 times, and caused 7 drops.

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Raider quarterback Carl is very satisfied with the new coach

Jackson State Tigers T Shirt Iron on Transfers

Jackson State Tigers T Shirt Iron on Transfers

From the rumor that Jon Gruden might go to the Raiders as the coach, his relationship with quarterback Derek Carr became the focus. Some people worry that Gruden’s character will cause Karl to collapse, but at present it is not a big problem.Jackson State Tigers iron ons

Carl said: “Gruden didn’t disappoint me. At present he met all my expectations, even higher than expected. We are very similar, it is quite interesting. He is about to become the head coach, the most people ask. That is: ‘How do you get along with each other?’ Our response to this is to laugh at it… We all love football, we all want to win, we all like competition, and we all have requirements for each other. I will ask: ‘You prepared for me today. What? What are you going to teach me today? ‘He will urge me to move forward. If I have completed 30 passes for 31 passes, then we will be able to discuss the last hour without finishing, and the impact in the game will be mentioned. Come out, and that’s what I want.”Jackson State Tigers iron on transfers

Of course, the stress levels during the game will be very different, I hope they can still meet each other’s expectations on the court.

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The agent said that Bell may leave the Steelers after this season.

Pittsburgh Steelers T Shirt Iron on Transfers

Pittsburgh Steelers T Shirt Iron on Transfers

Monday is the deadline for signing a long-term contract with a privileged label player, but no team has successfully completed the renewal. Several people, including Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell, will be franchise label contracts for the 2018 season.

But according to the agent Adisa Bakari, the possibility of Bell remaining in the Steelers is negligible.Pittsburgh Steelers iron ons

Bakari said: “He intended to retired from the Steelers. But since the contract negotiations failed, this may be the last year he played in Hong Kong.”

Bell also issued a statement on his Twitter, the full text is as follows:

“To all steel fans, I have always hoped to retired from the Steelers… Both sides hope that the negotiations can be successful today, but the NFL is very commercial after all… Sorry to let those fans who have hopes lost, but please believe I, 2018 will be my best season…”

Steelman general manager Kevin Colbert also agreed with Bell: “Although we have not been able to reach a long-term contract, I am glad that he will remain in the team for 2018. Both sides are working hard to reach an agreement. After the end of the 2018 season, we will continue to try to sign a long-term contract with him, hoping to maintain his steel career.”Pittsburgh Steelers iron on transfers

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Brown has high hopes for defensive end Ogba

New England Patriots T Shirt Iron on Transfers

New England Patriots T Shirt Iron on Transfers

In this year’s draft, Brown selected the cornerback Denzel Ward with the fourth pick and let the defensive end Bradley Chubb. In response, defensive coordinator Gregg Williams jokingly said that Chab “the cornerback ability is not good.”New England Patriots iron on design

The real reason is that Emmanuel Ogbah has met Williams’ requirements. Ogba played 10 games last season, scoring 4 kills, 2 forced to drop the ball, but reimbursed for the foot fracture season. Williams believes that he has seen the good signs of Ogba’s growth.

“I am looking forward to Ogba’s performance this year.” Williams said, “He is more comfortable and comfortable, and his instincts are sharper and he will not be over-thinking and limit his hands and feet. That’s afraid of making mistakes. As long as you stay healthy, Ogba will definitely shine.”New England Patriots iron on transfers

Ogba’s partner, Myles Garrett, also said that the cooperation between the two “has the opportunity to create a historic year.”

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Washington community celebrates the promotion of the capital people, the shark team is willing to pay the salary

Amur has played in the NHL for the St. Louis Blues, the Philadelphia Flyers and the Hurricane for 20 seasons, the two best defensive forward awards, retired on June 30, 2010, a total career score of 1184 points (1484 games, 452 balls 732 assists) . In the Hurricane Cup in the Stanley Cup final in the Stanley Cup finals by seven to defeat the oilers toast, Amur is the captain of the team.

James Madison Dukes T Shirt Iron on Transfers

“Rod is the best leader in the history of the team. He will be responsible for the entire locker room.” Wader, who was also appointed as general manager, said, “We considered several candidates, but management and players agreed that Luo Germany is the best choice. His ideas, appeal and understanding of the game will help the young team to go further and try to bring the Stanley Cup back to North Carolina.”

“I am very excited that he can get this opportunity,” said hurricane striker Justin Williams, who had been a teammate with Amur in 2006. “He has experienced a lot of coaches and learned a lot. Now it’s time to start your own. The road is over. Rhodes means a lot to our ice hockey career and I will definitely support him.”James Madison Dukes iron ons

Since then, the New York Rangers have also become the only team in the league that has no head coach. They fired their former coach Alan Vignart on April 8.

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The arrogant double arrogance on the ice rink

Winnipeg Jets T Shirt Iron on Transfers

Winnipeg Jets T Shirt Iron on Transfers

The red and black wars that have just ended are still unsettled. Presumably, the fans are still excited about the fact that Ovechkin will be on the ice for the first time. Of course, the fans of Penguin are also immersed in the sigh of failure in the three consecutive championships. in. And when we go back to this series of rounds, it’s not hard to see that Crosby and Ovechkin’s influence on the two teams is becoming more and more important.

The entire series against the capital, Crosby, averaged 20.8 minutes per game, higher than the average of 19.8 minutes per game in the first round against the trapeze. In the 15-16 playoffs against the penguins, most of the penguins’ goals were also from Hargein-Kaisell Bernino’s “good horror combination.” However, this year’s showdown Crosby almost picked up the penguin’s offensive flag. In six games, Crosby contributed a total of 3 goals and 5 assists, while the Penguin team scored only 14 goals in the entire series. More than half of the goals were directly related to Crosby. Crosby’s efficiency is as high as 7, which means that Crosby’s group has almost an overwhelming advantage on the court.Winnipeg Jets iron on design

In other data, the success rate of the center as a center has always been Crosby’s weakness, and the success rate in the playoffs is very important, often determining the trend of a game. Crosby only had a success rate of less than 50% in the first match between the two sides. As the team’s number one star, Crosby averaged more than one collision per game. The last game against the capital was a three-time collision. In addition, the maturity of the king is reflected in his control of the foul, he was only fined 4 minutes in 6 games. In addition, in only 6 games, the King of the Ball has only 12 shots, and the success rate of the shot is as high as 25%.

And Ovichkin’s playing time per game is also unequivocal, up to 20.07 minutes per game. The data handed by Ovechkin is also very good, with 3 goals and 4 assists in 6 games, except for the game lost to the penguin in the fourth game. It is said that a ball king not only has to show his own color, but also makes his teammates better. Ovechkin has gained 4 efficiencies in 6 games, and his same group of Flana ushered in a big outbreak, achieving excellent results with 2 goals and 2 assists.

As the most important terminator of the Capital People’s Array, Ovechkin’s six games blasted a total of 17 shots. As long as he appears in the scoring circle Penguin goalkeeper Mori’s body and mind will be suffering. Ovichkin, who is a fighting nation, is unequivocal in physical confrontation. He contributed 27 collisions in six games, far higher than the rest of the team. And the same Ovichkin cherished his playing time, a total of only 6 minutes of penalty time.Winnipeg Jets iron on transfers

The arrogant double arrogance on the ice rink

In the current scoring list of the playoffs, Crosby and his penguin teammate Kimzel tied for first place, scoring 21 points. On the scoring list, Crosby ranked second in 9 goals, and 12 assists ranked third in the assists list. Ovechkin ranked sixth in the score of 15 points and ranked 4th in the scoring list of 8 goals. And since the third to fifth of the scoring list are all from the brown bear attack group, it can be said that the capitalist who led the Ovichkin attack is the top three in the league.

Both players have conquered the fans with their super-level performance. Ovechkin finally broke the fateful reincarnation and brought the capital to the stage of the Eastern Conference finals, while Crosby has a weak defense and can’t. Helping the offense of the second group of three groups, but can stand alone and march forward with the team, will also make fans look forward to their future. The grudge between red and black is far from over. I hope that Crosby and Ovechkin will still be seen in the Eastern Conference semifinals next year.

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The new boss of the Panther has been honored by coach Rivera


The new Panthers owner, David Tepper, performed well at the press conference, not only explaining his vision for the new team, but also giving people the words and deeds that would not repeat Jerry Richardson. Jerry Richardson) Confidence in faith.Kansas Jayhawks iron on design

Coach Ron Rivera also expressed respect for the new boss, who had talked to the three most likely to take over the team. Rivera said: “When talking, he listened carefully to me and asked some questions that were in place. They were generally personnel. We didn’t mention problems like salary caps, but the conversation went smoothly.”

In the next few conversations, the two also talked about player discipline and community contributions. “His understanding in this area is very thorough,” Rivera said.Kansas Jayhawks iron on transfers

Tepper also praised the coaching staff and the big roster at the press conference, and also talked about the outstanding performance of the four-season playoffs in the past five years. But because Julius Peppers, Ryan Kalil, Thomas Davis and many other veterans are close to the end of their career, team renewal is inevitable. . Rivera and Tepper also talked about this.

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Steelman wide receiver Antonio Brown does not care about age

Pittsburgh Steelers T Shirt Iron on Transfers

Pittsburgh Steelers T Shirt Iron on Transfers

US time on Tuesday is the 30th birthday of Steel Man’s receiver Antonio Brown. In his previous career, he accomplished a lot of things that players can’t do in their entire career.

Brown completed 733 catches and advanced 9910 yards. He ranked first in the league’s external hands during the same period. The speed of 700 catches was the fastest in league history. In the last five seasons, Brown’s total number of catches and catches have been unmatched.Pittsburgh Steelers iron on design

But Brown is not worried about age affecting his performance. He said: “I don’t care about my age. Now I feel good, healthy, and physically perfect. I feel that I can continue to be efficient. Life is to face Challenge, overcome difficulties, become the best.”

NFL’s most famous wide receiver, Jerry Rice, doesn’t take the 30-year-old seriously. After his 30th birthday, he can still stay productive and complete his career for the 1000th year. The ball, a total of 13,546 yards.Pittsburgh Steelers iron on transfers

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