Cardinals Bruce – Ariane dissatisfied with the team outside the receiver performance

Atlanta Falcons T Shirt Iron on Transfers

Atlanta Falcons T Shirt Iron on Transfers

Bruce Arians will not hide his discontent. When he wants to make criticism, he will be straightforward to say it.Atlanta Falcons iron on design

On Monday, Ariane aimed at his team’s position. After seeing the team inside and outside the training performance was bad, he regretted in the offseason praised them.

“In the spring I must have seen some excellent performance when I said we had 12 out of hand can be footholded in the NFL,” Arians said. “We may actually have only two.”

The two are future celebrity player Larry Fitzgerald and Jaron Brown in their fifth year of his career. The rest are – John Brown, JJ Nelson, Brittan Golden, Aaron Dobson, Jeremy Ross, ) And Chad Williams (Chad Williams) and others are either affected by injury or performance instability.

Arians will not sit on their own to continue to perform poorly.Atlanta Falcons iron on transfers

“We’ll look for what outsiders can sign,” Arians said.

In addition to injury outside, Arians that his receiver is facing the problem is a simple execution problem.

“The offensive task is to catch the ball,” he said. “This is the main task of the receiver who can not do it.”

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Lightning line guard Denzel – Perryman ankle off

Houston Texans T Shirt Iron on Transfers

Houston Texans T Shirt Iron on Transfers

To the injury, now the lightning is not the most extreme. On Sunday they added another wounded.

Line guard Denzel Perryman (Denzel Perryman) the first quarter left five minutes when the car was off the stadium. He was injured when he joined the defensive team for the fifth kickoff.Houston Texans iron ons

Then according to the lightning report, Perryman left ankle injury, the return period undecided.

Los Angeles Lightning had hoped that the first line of last season, 11 games in the line to undertake more tasks. Perryman is the second round show in 2015, last season made 71 grapples, 2 sack and 1 steals.Houston Texans iron on transfers

Mike Williams, who is still in the midst of a discoid dislocation, is just starting to run last week. The second round of the show attack for the fist Forrester – Forpp (Forrest Lamp) also due to the right knee ACL tear season reimbursement.

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Tampa Bay Pirates give up the first two round show kicker Roberto – Aguayo

Tampa Bay Buccaneers T Shirt Iron on Transfers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers T Shirt Iron on Transfers

Tampa Bay Pirate Kicker Positions compete after a preseason end.

The pirates announced on Saturday that the kicker Roberto Aguayo (Roberto Aguayo).

Pirates of the 12-14 loss to the Cincinnati Tigers in the first preseason missed an additional shot and a 47-yard shot, which led to the pirates finally make layoffs. In the future they will let Nick – Folk (Nick Folk) as a kicker.Tampa Bay Buccaneers iron ons

In last year’s draft, the pirate picked up Agua’s from the Florida State University in the second round. He did not perform well in the rookie season, lost nine of his 31 free kicks and lost two times in 34 additional touch points. Aguayu not only poor accuracy, his leg strength can not achieve expectations, he hit the longest free kick only 43 yards.

Pirates in the offseason this year signed Falk and Agua competition. The $ 750,000 guaranteed income included in the Fulk contract meant that Agua had been on the brink of unemployment.

Aguayu in the training this summer, ups and downs, his shooting accuracy is still no improvement. Friday’s two shot failures were enough to make the pirates decide that he was not the person they wanted.Tampa Bay Buccaneers iron on transfers

In just one season after giving up the second round show for the pirates is a catastrophic situation. But for a target playoff team, they can not take a bad kicker to start the new season. It is the best decision for all parties to give up Agua. Pirates leave a reliable Falk, while Aguayou can change the environment.

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Steelman General Manager: Bell does not participate in training will only hurt myself

Pittsburgh Steelers T Shirt Iron on Transfers #681

Pittsburgh Steelers T Shirt Iron on Transfers #681


Le’Veon Bell is still not reported to the Pittsburgh Steelman Training Camp. The team general manager Kevin – Colbert (Kevin Colbert) said it would only hurt himself.

Bell is still not signed a franchise contract, so he will not be fined for absent training camps. But because the deadline has passed, he has no longer in this season to obtain long-term renewal contract.Pittsburgh Steelers iron on design

“I feel he will not get anything from the strike,” Colbert said on Wednesday. “The situation will not change, and we will not really change the offer.”

“So he did not come to participate in training for his disadvantage because he was unable to cooperate with his teammates, unable to participate in a good 2017 season to prepare for the physical and strength training required, and he can not cooperate with his teammates familiar with offensive tactics – Is different. ”

But DeAngelo Williams, who had been working with Bell for two years, did not agree with Colbert, who, on Twitter, said, “Please explain to me why He will be the most energetic person in the team when he comes back with his ability.Pittsburgh Steelers iron on transfers

Bell recently released some of his social media training in South Florida. He was under the guidance of experts for 5 days of training.

Whenever Bell will report to the training camp and sign a franchise contract, he will get $ 12.2 million in salary.

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Jay – Cutler is pleased to be able to work with En Dumon – Sue

Cleveland Browns T Shirt Iron on Transfers

Cleveland Browns T Shirt Iron on Transfers

Jay Cutler (Jay Cutler) is still playing for Chicago, and Nandal Kong – Su (Ndamukong Suh) led the Lions defensive group had several confrontation, presumably left him a deep impression.Cleveland Browns iron ons

Su had suffered a fist of $ 15,000 in 2010 due to a crash to the head of the Cutler. After 2012 he learned well, gave the Cutler more clean impact, and sack him 6 times, Cutler came to the dolphin after the initial training with the media mentioned this point.

“I’m happy with him in the same team,” said Cutler.

Su said he thinks that Cutler is a “good quarterback” and a “good man”.Cleveland Browns iron on transfers

“I do not like quarterback, but I have great respect for him (Cutler) because he is in silence, never complains and does not shout, just stand up and shoot the soil, and then play.” Su said, “quite tough guy He will go on the game. ”

Dolphins of course also hope that Cutler can stay healthy and play well.

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New England Patriots become the first team to have a special plane

New England Patriots T Shirt Iron on Transfers

New England Patriots T Shirt Iron on Transfers

New England Patriots became the first team to buy the plane, and they bought two at once.

According to informed sources to the ESPN revealed that the Patriots in the offseason to buy two Boeing 767 wide body aircraft and the aircraft all seats into first class level seats, some can be completely flat. And at least one of the aircraft’s external coating is the team logo and the tail is coated with five Super Bowl trophy.New England Patriots iron ons

Depending on the mileage and maintenance status, such an airplane typically costs between $ 5 million and $ 65 million. While a brand new aircraft cost $ 200 million. According to informed sources that the two aircraft can fly longer distances, which allows them to fly 12 hours without interruption.

A plane will perform major missions this season while the other will be a backup. A spokesman for the Patriots said the team officials would not publicly comment on the purchase of the plane.

As the entire season only 10 away games, the past NFL team did not consider the purchase of the plane. But in the past few years the charter has become increasingly expensive, because the major airlines began to be able to carry the entire team of large aircraft retired.

Able to carry all the players and the team logistics staff and the need for large aircraft due to close to the life of the critical point need to be completely upgraded to be abandoned by the airline.New England Patriots iron on transfers

Last year, American Airlines said they no longer undertake Arizona Cardinals, Baltimore Raven, Indianapolis Pony, Jacksonville Jaguar, Pittsburgh Steelers and Miami Dolphins charter business. Including at least two teams – Steelers and Dolphins – with Miami Airlines, which only operates charter flights.

Charter costs continue to increase the NFL team more inclined to buy the plane. People familiar with the situation said that the 10 rounds per season to spend a total of up to 4 million US dollars.

You can expect the team plane can be more helpful to the players after the game recovery, which is one of the places where the patriots are interested.

Informed sources said the Patriots will be in the season without the need to use the plane when the aircraft will be rented. Do not know how the Patriot in order to recover part of the cost of how to advertise.

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Josh – Norman thinks his celebration is targeted

Washington Redskins T Shirt Iron on Transfers

Washington Redskins T Shirt Iron on Transfers

NFL recently relaxed the restrictions on the players to celebrate the action, but this does not mean that you can casually engage.Washington Redskins iron ons

Carl Johnson, an NFL officer who visited the Redskins Training Camp on Sunday, confirmed that the celebration containing simulated arms movements was still banned by the rules. This means that the red horns of the Josh – Norman (Josh Norman) last season, the use of bowed archers still want to attract the yellow flag and fine.

Norman of course unhappy.

“This is killing the chickens to the monkey,” Norman said, “Cooks (Brandin Cooks) this action for several years, the moment will not let people do this action?

Norman last season because of this action fine, but also do this celebration of Cooks explained that this is the Bible to give inspiration and to avoid punishment. This double standard led to Norman’s strong dissatisfaction, he believes that the Union on the movement of simulated violence tolerance is much higher.Washington Redskins iron on transfers

“You can shoot artillery (Tampa) in the stadium, and you can make people in the stadium (New England),” Norman said, “why these will not be as dangerous action? I just pull a virtual bow to The sky to shoot a virtual arrow, how to punish me? How about these virtual things on the violence? Is it done before the action of these people are very violent?

Union should not think so, Norman is best for a celebration action.

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Quarterback Jay – Cutler and Miami dolphin signed for 1 year

Cincinnati Bengals T Shirt Iron on Transfers

Cincinnati Bengals T Shirt Iron on Transfers

Jay Cutler came back.

The 34-year-old quarterback ahead of the end of the retirement life and explain career, signed with the Miami Dolphins for 1 year.Cincinnati Bengals iron ons

Cutler’s contract worth $ 10 million, plus bonus income. Bonuses total up to $ 3 million.

The dolphin signed the Cutler means that he will meet with the former Chicago Bears offensive coordinator, now dolphin coach Adam – Gass (Adam Gase) reunion. In the only season they had worked together, Cutler had recovered and had a very close relationship with Geith. Earlier, people familiar with the matter said Ryan Tannehill’s knee injury may need to undergo surgery after Gassie contacted Cutler.

Although Tannessir has not yet decided whether to undergo surgery, the dolphin signcuts may show the team’s current attitude. Dolphins last season rely on Tannessir and Matt Moore (Matt Moore) into the playoffs, they think the existing lineup is enough to make them win.

Cutler had previously looked satisfied with his life after retirement, and he had told the Chicago media that it was “permanently” retired. But he also left behind for his back. In Fox Sports he joined the existing two-man commentary combination. This means that if he is attracted to return to the NFL he can easily leave without compromising the tacit understanding between the combinations.Cincinnati Bengals iron on transfers

Cutler in the dolphin does not guarantee success. Last season he played only five games, pass the success rate of only 59.1%, made 4 touchdowns 5 times pass was steals. On the one hand, the dolphin attack team has a lot of good players in the catcher position, including Jarvis Landry and Kenny Stills.

Cutler in the 2015 season pass 3659 yards 21 times touchdowns 11 pass was steals. In contrast, last season, Tannessir in 13 games passing 2995 yards 19 times touchdowns 12 pass was steals.

Does Cutler mean to upgrade for Tannessel? This is still unknown. But one thing is certain, the dolphins have never considered other candidates, and Cutler has always been their only choice.

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Dolphin left guardian Larsen still have the opportunity to play this year’s game

Miami Dolphins T Shirt Iron on Transfers

Miami Dolphins T Shirt Iron on Transfers

Miami was a bit lively recently, and Ryan Tannehill suffered a serious knee injury, and Jay Cutler was rumored to be rumored. This is not finished, the starting left care front Ted – Larsen (Ted Larsen) biceps injury, will it be a reimbursement player?Miami Dolphins iron ons

Coach Adam Gase does not think so: “I think he is very likely to play this year, although the injury will generally lead to his absence throughout the season, but the new rules let us have the opportunity to bring him back to the game. He is one of the most stable players in our performance, and he is very depressed, and he works very hard and knows what to do, and he brings the veteran ‘s professional attitude, and we will try to find someone who can replace him.Miami Dolphins iron on transfers

The new rule means that the team can return to the injury reserve list without the two in advance.

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J.J. Watt will play Houston Texas first preseason

Denver Broncos T Shirt Iron on Transfers

Denver Broncos T Shirt Iron on Transfers

In the absence of nearly 11 months, J.J. Watt (J.J. Watt) will return to the stadium for the first time next week, and he will not stand on the sidelines.Denver Broncos iron on design

According to coach Bill O’Brien (Bill O’Brien) said that the Houston Texas star defensive end will be played against the Carolina Panther’s first preseason game. This will be the first time since the third week of the game since the start of the game.

Watt was absent from most of the last season because of his back injury, but he has not had any trouble in Texas training so far. His return to the healthy Jadeveon Clowney will be exciting for the Texans coaching team and the fans’ potential for the front-line defense.Denver Broncos iron on transfers

Although we suspect that watt and clonty will get a lot of playing time the possibility of since last September this combination of the first fight enough to let us look forward to.

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